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We are members of the Chartered Institute of Linguists (CIOL), which is the esteemed Royal Charter organisation for linguists and language professionals in the UK.

Our team comprises Court Certified Translators (Traducteurs Assermentés) duly registered with the Cour d'Appel de Toulouse, France.

Additionally, we are Registered Translators approved by the French Consulate in the UK.

French to English, English to French.
Founded in France in 2004.
Based in Suffolk, East Anglia, UK


With skills and experience both in legal translation and in project management we handle all requests in close collaboration with our clients and are always available to examine your needs every step of the way.

Our experienced team of translators has a deep understanding of legal terminology and is highly skilled in translating a wide range of documents, including:

  • court orders
  • probate-related deeds
  • wills
  • power of attorney documents
  • civil status certificates, and more

We also deliver accurate legal translations for visas, residency and citizenship applications and for all your document needs, from birth certificates to income-related documents.

By choosing our translation agency, you can trust that your legal translations are in safe hands. We stand out from the rest with our unwavering focus on accuracy, reliability, and confidentiality.

Our commitment to providing the best possible service to our clients has led to long-standing relationships with satisfied clients, demonstrating the quality of our services. We have established strong partnerships with an increasing number of notaries and law firms in both France and the UK, working closely with them to provide exceptional translation services.

We prioritize efficient communication and promptly address inquiries, adhering to our three key principles: high-quality, faithful translations; complete confidentiality; and meeting all deadlines. Contact us now, don't risk the legal implications of inaccurate translations.

French Citizenship (Naturalisation)

We provide full support, ensure that your application is ready to be processed and help you with the online application request.

Tax Returns

We also offer a French tax return completion service for individuals.

We are highly experienced with the French tax return and in particular as it relates to expats.

We have completed double taxation agreements and arranged for tax refunds for many clients who are now tax resident in France.


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Just to let you know how we got on with our meeting at the prefecture. Fortunately a french friend of ours accompanied us and I think that made a big difference. It was not a pleasant experience but it looks as though we will all get the carte de sejour in the next couple of months.
Thanks for all your help
With Kind Regards

You are always my first port of call.

C'est fantastique!! Vous faites les miracles! Je ne le croyait pas possible. Nous avons hâte de recommencer le processus sur notre retour

Thanks again for all your support and advice, I couldn't and wouldn't have done it without you.

Thank you so much! You made my day!

Hi Nicole
Thank you for your email and message from ANTS. No problem with the translation.
This is great news and I hope my application is also straightforward.

Dear David,
Just to let you know that we collected our Carte Sejours, this morning, from the Prefecture in Agen. We received notification that they were ready in the middle of last week.
In spite of having to produce extra information, it took just five weeks to complete.
Many thanks for your translations, which helped make it all happen so efficiently!

Hello again
Just to you know that all went well at the Prefecture yesterday and we will now wait for the processing and cartes.
Thank you again for your speedy assistance - very necessary as it turned out.

Oh Thank you so very much. You have made this whole process so very much easier!!
I'll let you know how we get on!
Thank you for everything.

We feel yesterday went well and we are mighty relieved! {...} So, we can rest easy now. Your help has been tremendous, not just in your very professional translations, but in quietly giving us confidence. Thank you so much. We shall be recommending you to all! Best regards,
S & M.

Thank you very much Nicole, I've received the document and sent it off.....let's hope that they don't need anything else - like my grandmother's, cousins birth certificate!!
Great service - very quick and professional, I'll certainly be recommending you!

We had our meeting at the Prefecture yesterday - many thanks for making the appointment and for going through the documentation with me. All seemed well and the session concluded with our finger prints, so, hope that's a good sign!!
We were not given any acknowledgement of our application but they said it could take 4 months and that they would advise me by text to my mobile number.
Many thanks again and regards

I have received the documents today, thank you very much for your help! In case anyone needs this kind of service, I will most certainly recommend you!

Just got back from our rendez-vous!
It went very well. The lady was lovely.
All in all a good day!


She was happy with all the documents, checking copies against originals and just keeping the copies; putting them in a special folder with my photo stuck on the front which I also had to sign. The only problem was getting the fingerprint reader to work; even with the Fingerprint Enhancer that she found, it took a lot of attempts before success. She told me that I would be sent a letter in about 2 months time inviting me to visit to collect my Carte de Sejour.
Thanks for all your help.

Received the translation this morning - thank you very much for your excellent service.

You are brilliant! A big weight off our shoulders.
Thank-you so much; amazing that you were able do business so early in the morning - well done.

Just a note to let you know that we 'passed first time'. A much easier experience than we had imagined and I'm sure that having such efficiently presented translations helped to make things go really smoothly. Thank you once again for your help. Kind regards,

So far as we can tell {...} things went well enough; most of our documents were in order, no points were raised about the translations, and we seemed to have too many copies of papers but there was no real harm in that.
Merci for your help and advice, we'll recommend you should others walk the walk instead of just talking the talk.
L & S.

I hope you are well.
Just to let you know that we went to Montauban last Monday. The prefecture was full of people but we were given a ticket, waited for an hour and a half, got to the window and were given our carte des sejours!!
Amazing or what?
Thank you for your help with this.

Thank you so much for all your hard work.
The certificates arrived today & they are perfect.
Thank you again.

Again wonderful, you have the gift of sorting out problems, they may be small but to me very large.
Thank you again, I do appreciate all you have done.

The interview lasted 80mins and started with the paperwork. All the documents were sorted by us in the order required from the Prefecture internet list supplied by yourself.
Thank you very much again for all your assistance & will be in touch for any future requirements or to recommend you.

Apologies for having been so tardy in acknowledging safe receipt of your documentation, and thanking you for your very efficient service!

I received my official letter today confirming that I am now French.
Many thanks to you both for your prompt and efficient professional services last year.

Hi Nicole,
Hope you're well.
Just to let you know I've now been granted French nationality, and have my ceremony at the Consulat in London on 5th October.
Many thanks for your help along the way.
Kind regards,

Well we are through. It was a man and he asked us for the documents he wanted to see one at a time. He was satisfied with everything that we had available to show him thanks to you and your advice {...}
If we had not been to see you first it would have been very difficult.
The information we received from the Prefecture was not exactly the same as what was actually required for the interview.
So a big thank you for putting us on the right path.
R & D.

Hi David,
Thank you so much for all your help. I now have my new permis de conduire in my possession! Not only that,but they have spelt my name correctly this time. Once again, many thanks.

We just wanted to let you know that we have collected our French driving licences from the Préfecture in Montauban. Thank you for the assistance you gave.
J & T.

Just to advise you that today we collected our cards, "Titre de Sejour".
We really appreciated all your assistance and help with this matter
Thank you.
S & M.

You are about the only good news thats happening.

I'm writing to let you know that we have just had confirmation of our French citizenship. Needless to say, we are delighted.
We both thank you for all your help in getting our dossiers together.

We collected our Titres de Sejour from the prefecture last week, and they have indeed issued 5-year cards. Thank you for all your help and advice in obtaining them.{...}
Thank you again, and very good wishes in these uncertain times.

Hi Nicole,
The entretien went very well. The guy seemed to like me and was very helpful with the history part.
my dossier was perfect.
He told me in the end that I was a good candidate as far as he was concerned.
now it's just the wait.

Many thanks for your help and quick completion.

It went very well - except for the vast roadworks outside, which made us walk miles round the block to get there! 'Madame' was very helpful and we had provided everything necessary.
Thank you for your very smart translations, Nicole, especially for including the exchange rate too. I'm sure it helped.

Dear Nicole, Im writing to say that we received on 11 January letters from the Ministère de l'Intérieur which informed us that we had aquired French Nationality from 4th December. We had hoped on this occasion to hold a small celebration to mark the event but like many other aspects of our lives this is not possible due to Covid. We are still hoping to have an event to which we hope you will come. KInd regards and keep safe.

Many thanks for checking this through - last minute panic setting in!
Thank you for all your support putting this together.

Thank you again for everything you have been such a positive person to us.

Thank you Mme Pemberton and your very efficient work. We now have our Carte de Sejour permanent. Best wishes

Hi David,
Thank you for your good wishes for yesterday. Everything went exceedingly well, the focussed but pleasant guy who interviewed us complimented us on the dossiers.
We are happy its done and are content that whatever happens we are ok here in France. We certainly would never go back!
Best regards to you and Nicole

J'ai le plaisir de vous informer qu'après presque trois années d'attente, je viens de voir mon nom apparaître sur le journal officiel des naturalisations du 29 janvier !
Je ne sais pas trop quand je recevrais une notification officielle mais je présume que ma demande a enfin été officiellement acceptée !
Je vous remercie encore pour votre aide et pour vos conseils et vous souhaite une très bonne continuation.
Sincères salutations,

You helped me with my naturalisation dossier; I found your help invaluable, and I recount that to everyone.
I received a letter from the Ministry today informing me-I'm delighted to say- that as from 24/12 I am a french citizen.
Best wishes

Dear Nicole,
I hope this finds you well.
I just wanted to thank you again for these. Such speedy and fantastic work.
many thanks again

Dear Nicole, I've just received a letter from the minister for the interieur telling me I'm French!!!!! Thanks for your hard work and being so pleasant about it all. Best,

Thank you very much. You were highly recommend by my friend R, and I won't hesitate to recommend you too.
Kind regards

Je vous remercie pour les traductions et aussi pour la rapidité de votre réponse. Nous avons déposé le dossier ce matin à la prefecture de Toulouse sans problème. Je n'hésiterais pas à recommander vos services autour de moi.

Thanks David - its good to know that you're both fighting our corner.

An Email to let you know that everything went through very well, - we seemed to get a very nice lady and were out in half an hour. The documents are now "in the Post"
I thank you for all of your assistance and we wish you and David a happy Noel and New Year.

Hi Nicole
I thought you would be pleased to hear that our application for French nationality has been approved as of 24th January, but we only got the letter yesterday.
The letter mentions that a dossier is being prepared for each of us, sometime within the next 6 months.
Thank you very much for your assistance and guidance in this process, we are very grateful.
L & A.

I can confirm that everything went well this afternoon. The selection of evidence was very much a random selection {...}
Overall, it went so easy, many thanks for your assistance; I have already recommended your services.

It all went well yesterday and I now have permanent residency. There was no difficulty with the English income documents.
Thank you so much for your help.

Hi David Just received this...
Thank you for dealing with thing's we are very grateful and relieved to have the house tax sorted and the d.d. in place, hopefully now we can forget about it and all will continue without issue.
Again many thanks both.
Best wishes

Thank you very much indeed for the translations - I am so grateful.

Merci Nicole,
Je suis allee a Montauban ce matin et ma carte de sejour etait deja la - merci encore pour tout les conseils et le soutien.

Hi Nicole
Yes the appointment went perfectly and hopefully in 2-3 months we can pick up our cards. Sorry for not letting you know earlier I've been in transit back to {...}.
Many thanks for all your help

David your blood is worth bottling!!!!!! A gazillion thanks David.

I'd signed up for the services of Nicole Pemberton. Best money I've ever spent! I can cope reasonably well in French (enough to chair meetings!) but there are occasions when administrative language leaves me perplexed. She guided me through the necessary documents, gave invaluable and precise advice. She answered queries rapidly by mail. And all in all she was very reassuring!

I'm very grateful for your help. your knowledge of proceedings was extremely useful to me, and more than that, very reassuring. I'm very glad I signed up with you.
I will advise everyone who is dealing with l'administration to sign up with you.

We went for our RV at the Prefecture on 29th and all went very smoothly, it only took 25 minutes for both of us!
Our Cartes de Séjour are available for collection from the Prefecture tomorrow, so only 3 weeks from the RV.
Thank you very much for all your help in taking us though the process.
Kind regards
C & D.

We went through the dossier in the order that you had predicted. On several occasions she handed back copies I had made as she clearly didn't always need the number indicated in the instructions, but I am sure it is better to have too many rather than too few.
Once again thank you for preparing me so well. I will keep you posted with regard to progress.

Thank you Nicole! The interview was fine and entirely conducted in French, as you would expect.
Thank you for all your care and guidance.

Dear Nicole just to let you know that I had my interview on Tuesday and {...} came along and she saw us both. All went well and all documents correct.
Many thanks for your help and it certainly took the pressure off us dealing with you.

Some feedback.
He was pleasant, although fairly formal, but he did say that many people were applying for citizenship (10 this week) and he asked whether we had located an Irish grandparent, so he had a reasonable sense of humour.
So many thanks to you for your help in the application - the ease of the interviews was made possible by the well organised material.
P & V.

Dear Nicole,
My RDV at the Prefecture went very well this morning, the man who interviewed me was very kind and was satisfied with my dossier, though he said it was lucky {...} has a good income as mine alone is (as you warned us) not enough.
He seemed to think I stood a good chance of being granted citizenship.
However {...} was not allowed to accompany me as we had planned, the interviewer said as it was an ' entretien individuel ' I had to do it alone.... Perhaps this is new?
I would like to thank you for all your help and support and will recommend your services.
Best regards,

The company provides an invaluable service; keep up the good work.

The interview, with the same lady, this morning went very smoothly (elle était très sympa). She went through, once again, all of the documents giving me back the duplicates.
I thank you once again for your help and support during this preparation period and will be more than happy to give a testimonial to anyone requesting it.
Very best regards will keep you informed.

Just a bit of feedback from our meeting this afternoon. Everything went well for both of us. In fact we took a liitle less than an hour each. {...} Many thanks for all your help: you prepared us well!
L & A.

Many thanks for the quick turnaround of the will, which arrived today. I am very grateful.

Many thanks for such a prompt and efficient service.

Had my arranged appointment at the prefecture this afternoon. Without sounding conceited it appeared to go very well.
The order they asked for the documentation was not in the order as I expected, but l had more than they wanted and quickly rejected want they didn't want.
The least l could do was to let you know how things went and thank you for all your help.

I am pleased to advise you that our application for Cartes de Séjour has been successful.
We had our brief interview (15 minutes) in Agen last Wednesday and we can expect to receive our cartes within three weeks.
It is clear that Agen runs a very slick operation with minimum delay unlike some other prefectures that appear to be struggling.
Thank you for your assistance with the process.

Hi David and of course Nicole, I don't believe it (as a certain old codger) would say - but today I received the letter to invite me to go and collect my new permis de conduire at the Prefecture.
All I can say to the both of you, is thanks very much for all your help in resolving this matter - at last.
Yours - much more contentedly.

Thank you Nicole, super service, as ever.
Best wishes

Dear Nicole ,
I received the attached letter from L'Assurance Maladie today. I guess we finally made it! A very big thank you as this has been a struggle for the past year.
Thank you again.

Fantastic! Thanks a million for all this! We saw Maitre X this morning, who confirmed that the regime of {...} would suit us perfectly. {...} Couldn't be better as far as we're concerned.
N & D.

Thank you very much for turning round these translations so quickly.
They arrived safely in Wednesday's post.

Hi David and Nicole
Thanks for your help. My carte de séjour is ready for collection.

It went very well, thank you!! I am so delighted with the help you have given us and as result we were confident that we had more or less all the correct documents.
So, we are both over the moon and I regret so much not using your services when we tried for the carte de séjours but I will recommend you to anyone that asks me.
Thank YOU.

Thank you for sending me the reminder for the rendezvous for the prefecture. I am delighted to tell you that my meeting there this morning was successful, so I'm on the way to acquiring French nationality, thank you very much for your part in that. Very best wishes to you,

WOW ! Thank you so much for checking that out. You have really made our day. That really is fabulous news.

She was very encouraging and sympathetic. She said that the results will not happen for 12 to 18 months, such is the pressure on the system because of Brexit but that as far as she was concerned, there should be no reason why my application should not be successful.
Thank you for your help in all this.
Best wishes

Hello Nicole
Just wanted to let you know that we had our interview with the Préfecture yesterday and it went very smoothly. A very nice lady just checked our passports, asked us to sign in a couple of places and that was it. We took all our originals but she didn't ask to look at them! If there are no further issues the cartes should be with us within 4 weeks.
Thank you so much for your help.
Best wishes
J & R.

Yes, we are super happy and very proud to be french nationals now!! You gave us so much help, encouragement, and wise advice. If it had not been for you, I'm not at all sure we would have succeeded. Thank you.
R & S.

Je l'ai reçu juste à temps pour pouvoir me re-inscrire sur la liste électorale et ainsi me représenter !!
Merci beaucoup pour ton service inestimable !

Thank you we received the translations yesterday. Thank you also for your very professional work.
V & W.

Again many thanks for your prompt and efficient help and assistance.
Kind regards to you both
K & F.

I am sure you would like to hear my good news: last week I received an official letter confirming my citizenship from 28th January. Within the next six months I shall receive a dossier with all the detail necessary to proceed, especially to acquiring a French passport but alsoo a letter from the President congratulating me and welcoming me. I am so pleased and proud and I would like to thank you for your help.

Just wanted to thank you for all your help. The interviews, yesterday, were not as bad as I had expected.
So, we now wait. Whatever happens, we could not have done it without you, so thank you again.

Thank you for {...} and your efficiency and help.

Dear Nicole,
Thank you so much for your help with our Cartes de Séjours Permanents.
It all went swimmingly as you had predicted!
We both went in together in spite of being given 2 admission tickets. The lady was a little brusque to start with but we had quite a big smile by the time we left.
J & A.

Dear David
Thank you for advising me on the situation and possible liability.
I am grateful for you attending to the necessary Return promptly and I have complete confidence in your work.

J'étais très content de les trouver dans ma boîte mail ce matin. Merci pour votre rapidité et votre professionnalisme.
Au plaisir de réutiliser vos services,

Just wanted to inform you that I was granted the 10 year titre de sejour this afternoon without problem and to thank you for your work & support. throughout.
Once again many thanks

Thanks to your help preparing the paperwork, that side went as well as could be expected, but took a long time as my case is obviously complicated {...} It took 1h30 to go through it all.
I felt as well prepared as I could have been.

The tax forms are complete thanks to all your help / advice {...} Thanks again, your help has been invaluable.

Bonjour, Nous venons juste de recevoir les documents que vous nous avez envoyés. Perfect timing! {...} Une fois encore, nous vous remercions pour toute votre aide.
M & M.

Thanks David. Seems to have gone all well, we had everything they asked for (and more). Said they would send a text when ready to pick up!

Bonjour Nicole
Le jour est enfin arrivé où mon nom apparaît dans le Journal officiel français numéro 0271 21/11' Trente mois après l'entretien. Merci beaucoup pour votre aide dans les premiers jours.
Bonne journée à vous

Tout est bien passé aujourd'hui. Nous devons retourner en 4 ou 5
semaines pour les cartes de séjour. Merci encore une fois.

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